Discover How We Turned $3k Into $110k For A Family Law Practice

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Marketing Case Study


My team and I recently worked with a growing Family Law practice based in California.  While the practice is top rated with its clients, the practice simply was not getting the results they were expecting from their marketing efforts.

When we first worked with Attorney Cornwall, she was only landing 2-3 leads per week.  She was convinced digital marketing was the solution but concluded it was time to turn an expert.

Needless to say, in just two months we were able to take Cornwall Family Law from a stagnate growth to 40+ leads per month including a $75k ROI from just ONE client.

Stunning Results.
Increase In Calls Per Month
Reduction In Cost Per Lead
Additional Staff Hired To Handle New Business


Before rolling out Attorney Cornwall's Ad campaigns, we ran a full audit of their current marketing strategy as well as the internal sales processes.

  • Pixel:  Pixel installation was missing on their site and landing pages.  This meant they were not tracking site visitors from Facebook nor were they re-targeting.  HUGE opportunity missed!

  • Optimizations:  Campaigns were not optimized in the back-end Ad manager.  This meant cost per leads were WAY too high resulting in excessive costs!

  • Creative:  Ads contained vague descriptions and did not contain concise copy, captivating images or a clear Call to Action.

  • Re-targeting:  No re-targeting campaigns were set up to take advantage of leads who previously visited their site

  • Sales Process:  The most difficult and crucial part of our audit.  We found their office manage was often taking 48 hours to follow-up with new client requests.  This means by the time they reached out this warm lead they eventually became cold or selected another law practice.


Now that the funnel and campaigns had been properly assessed confirming the firm was ready for traffic, it was time to go live with the campaign.

Previously, the firm had ran Ads with zero geographical targeting and a broad message.

The posts were not captivating and there was no place designated for leads to fill out information.  In addition, the response time to a lead was ineffective and way too slow.


  • Created a video ad that covered the most commonly asked questions about implants - this provides VALUE to the leads before they ever connect with the doctor

  • Developed concise copy with a CLEAR call to action (Schedule Consultation)

  • Created a landing page outlining the content in the video, featuring testimonials of clients and describing how to prepare for their consultation

  • Implemented pixel tracking on all landing pages + website

  • Developed targeted audiences & retargeting campaigns generating leads most likely to afford the service AND ready to book a consultation

  • Developed appointment reminder sequence for all scheduled leads reminding them of their consultation

  • Provided office personnel with our Master Sales Training Cheat Sheet and coached them on how to follow-up and close leads for optimal conversions

Stunning Results.

"We understood that Digital Marketing was a key element to cultivating our business, but had no idea how fast it would accelerate our growth! Marketing Springboard put together a PPC and Facebook strategy that has skyrocketed our firm.

Their marketing services have been the lifeline for my business and took my practice to new levels!"

- Attorney Cornwall



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